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About Safe Search

Safe Search is a free secure search engine that will help to lock out unsafe websites from search results. These include, phishing, hoax, malware infected, adult websites and more. We do this by using Google Strict Safe Search technology and our own proprietary filtering system.

Safe Search is more suitable for adults or older children who have outgrown the younger kids images and graphics that can be found on other safe search engine websites. We are a light-weight yet powerful search engine that will help to filter out the unsafe sites, but not narrow your search results to only a hand-picked selection.

A standard open search engine with no filtering is not recommended for Public workplace computers or children to use. You may have heard the phrase, "Is that safe to Google?". Many I.T staff will enable some sort of search engine filtering to prevent unexpected adult sites from popping up on your screen. But not everyone has access to I.T professionals. If you already have an online filter, then you can use Safe Search as an additional filter to your existing online security or it can be used on its own. Simply set as your homepage or make it the default search engine in your browser and you are ready to go.

Safe Search will also minimize online shopping and website security risks so you can browse the internet with confidence. Knowing that Safe Search will help to show only safe websites is paramount and we strive to keep malicious sites locked out.

Please link to our website or share us on your social media if you find useful. We appreciate your support.

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