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There are a number of Safe Search for kids websites available that offer keyword filtering and added protection of a URL blacklist. This is the main feature of Safe Search and for more information on this, please view our about us page. Below, we have outlined what sets us apart from other Safe Search for kids websites.

Safe Search for Teens

Other safe search engines cater for younger children with significantly more limitation on what is shown in search results. Some safe search sites will only show results from hand-selected websites which can hinder relevant search results. As kids get older they require more information on the internet and that information can be hard to find on other safe search engines. We have opened up the power of Google and only removed websites with explicit and malicious content which gives older children a lot more access to valuable website information.

Not just for kids

Adults also use Safe Search to help block phishing or scam sites. We have a large database of these garbage websites which are blocked from search results and are also reported to Google. If some malicious sites do get past our filter, please email [email protected] so we can exclude them from future Safe Search results. Safe Search is also the ideal search engine for some adults that may have religious beliefs or choose not to have any adult entertainment websites appearing in search results.

Faster Loading

Numerous kids safe search sites can have many loading scripts and pictures that can cause slow page loading times. This can be an issue particularly if you are on a slow internet connection or mobile data. Our homepage is very basic and it loads fast requiring minimal resources from your web browser and device. You will also save internet data if you are on a limited amount.

Server Logs are deleted

We do not track our visitors and our server logs are automatically deleted every 24hrs. We have also instructed Google to not show personalized ads when using You can opt out and disable personalized ads within your Google account by going to your ad settings menu and then manage ad settings.

Low Data usage and secure

We do not have unnecessary images on our website which means a fast response from our server with less data needed to transfer over the internet. As mentioned, you will especially notice this when on a mobile device and using mobile data. In addition to this, we also use HTTPS which is a more secure way of searching the internet. HTTPS is also used by major websites that require secure online transactions like online shopping websites and online banking.

No thumbnail images in results

Further to low data usage and faster page loading times, we enforce no thumbnail images on our results page. However, some websites specify that an image is shown in the results page which we have no control over. You may find the odd website with an image, but most website links will not have a thumbnail image. If a website does have an image then the image is minimized to the smallest possible size to help speed up page loading time.

20 results per page

Because we use Google Custom Search we have rules that we need to follow. Google has limited the number of results that we can show to our Safe Search visitors. We have the maximum allowable results per page set to 20 which means that there will be 20 website results per page. Numerous other custom safe search engines have their maximum limit set at 10 results per page and even less for mobile devices.


In order to take advantage of the power of Google search, we must adhere to their terms and conditions. This means that advertisements will display at the top of some search results and unfortunately, we are unable to remove these adverts unless we are a nonprofit organization or government agency. The advertisements also do help to pay for ongoing server costs and web development for the site. It can also be a good thing that ads are at the top of some pages as it's an important skill for children to learn to identify them. If you're looking for a search engine with no ads, then you could try Digr which is a website we recommend for older students and educators.

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